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Chris Brown making waves.....

Just so you know, we are not talking about guns. Chris Brown was in the news again and sadly it wasn't for anything entertaining like one of his latest releases  "Grass ain't Greener."  With his recent running with the police, we hope things will definitely be greener for him on the other side of the law when the dust settles.  

We have long had our eyes on this young talent who thrills us with song and dance and   has a keen eye for fashion. When we learned  he was taking a shot at his own fashion line, we couldn't wait to see what he was bringing to the table. Our local buyer Jayden went to work trying to secure some of the clothing and soon we placed our first order of Black Pyramid Clothing for our local store. We were not disappointed. The fabric was of a high quality and the designs inviting. We hope he keeps shooting for the stars with this brand.

Because of logistics, we are not offering these products to you on our online store at present but felt the clothing was newsworthy. Feel free to reach out to us using our contact information if you have any questions. Let us know what you think of this new clothing line and if you are eager to have this clothing available to you on our online store

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