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Where are you located?

Our physical store Kids 2 Adults is located in Barbados.  

Why are you selling in the US only?

For E-Commerce purposes it is the most viable option with a huge market and one we are familiar with. Most of our merchandise in our local store comes from the US.

From where are items shipped?

We have partners in the US and the Far East. In the future we will also ship some items from our local store.

How long do items take to arrive?

Shipping times vary. US merchandise takes between 3-10 days and from the Far East as much as 4 weeks or more depending on the season and the item.

I ordered two items and only one arrive?

We work with more than one supplier and processing times may vary resulting in some items arriving before others. Trust that we will always do every thing to provide you with the best possible service.

How are returns and refunds handled?

Please see our returns and refunds policies. Also feel free to contact using our Contact information. Sill having trouble reaching us? Call 3212201901 or whatsapp 246-8509537.

Why can I only use Paypal to checkout?

At present it is the only Gateway available to us and you can be sure it's one of the safest methods of payment with guaranteed protection. We are exploring other options as we go forward.

The price of item just went up - why?

Suppliers change prices and run promotions  often without warning. We will provide you with the best possible price wherever possible.




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Free Shipping on all Orders
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